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Flexfit is the U.S. distributor of Yupoong, Inc., the largest manufacturer for blank and private label headwear in the globe. Integrated in most industries worldwide, Flexfit dominates the sports and action headwear verticals. The corporation maintains client relationships with brands such as TravisMathew, RVCA, Rip Curl, Vans, and many more. In my current role, I engage in daily collaboration with cross-functional teams spanning Sales, Engineering, and Finance. Additionally, I lead our tradeshow and event department. Working closely with our Marketing Director, David Kim, I have the privilege to conceptualize captivating exhibits that highlighted our diverse range of hat selections. Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative metrics, I conduct in-depth research to design and update our client-facing web platforms.

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Marketing Coordinator II

Tradeshows play a pivotal role in driving lead conversion for our company. These events provide us with a valuable opportunity to engage with both our current and potential clients, enabling us to gain profound insights into the market and the unique requirements of the diverse businesses and visions we cater to. As the lead on the tradeshow design team, my responsibility is to gather both qualitative and quantitative data that aids in the categorization of various tradeshows' needs. Subsequently, I translate this research into tangible, innovative designs to showcase our products effectively. My approach involves conducting client surveys and interviews while harnessing performance data from past events.


• Generate new leads and contacts within the industry, potentially converting them into customers or partners.

• Increase brand visibility and awareness among a relevant audience, potentially reaching new markets or demographics.

• Provide a platform for showcasing new products, services, or innovations to a targeted audience.

• Gain insights into market trends, customer preferences, and competitor strategies through direct interactions and feedback.


I begin each tradeshow design by immersing myself in the study of our target consumer base. Next, I refine my focus by utilizing survey data collected by our sales team from previous events dedicated to that specific trade show. This invaluable information aids in the development of detailed personas representing potential and existing clients. These personas serve as a compass, guiding our design process while informing our marketing strategy.

Persona Attribute card for a client at the Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow

Once we've established a set of personas to guide our client engagement strategy, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of both our competitors' previous approaches at the specific tradeshow and our own, identifying successes and areas for improvement. Drawing inspiration from various industry players, we tap into our team's competitive drive to consistently deliver unique and innovative solutions. In collaborative Figjam sketching sessions, team members share diverse ideas for approaching the exhibit. Each individual's wealth of experience and unique perspective adds an exciting dimension to the process. Following numerous rounds of brainstorming and refinement, we invite our exhibit designers and building partners to a final series of sessions to determine the most viable designs for construction.

After settling on our design approach, our objective is to generate a high-fidelity rendering depicting the envisioned exhibit. This rendering serves as a crucial guide for our exhibit design partners, who play a pivotal role in sourcing materials and transforming our designs into reality. Following a thorough space inspection, we meticulously annotate dimensions to ensure precision in our designs. In cases where the design is intricate, we enlist the expertise of an architectural designer to craft a scaled 3D model, enhancing communication and comprehension of the design.

Our Tradeshows.

Witnessing our team's ideation and dedication materialize is truly exhilarating. Our tradeshows are meticulously crafted to not only enhance client engagement but also empower our sales team in captivating the interest of potential customers. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to admire the endeavors of our competitors and forge meaningful partnerships with like-minded brands that resonate with our vision.

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