Electric Bike Company
May 2021 - February 2022
Electric Bike Company is the number one supplier and retailer of e-cruisers in the US. With over $6 million in annual revenue, we keep our competitive edge over other micro-mobility brands by offering a completely customizable product at an affordable rate due to US-based manufacturing. I singularly managed as well as led the marketing team in multimedia projects – from the cultivating of new influencer partnerships, including onboarding two Olympic Athletes, to the holistic creation and strategic implementation of print and digital media. Budgeting and project management was my day today. It is my mantra to design all consumer-facing content with a heavy emphasis on user experience research (similarly when producing or editing existing marketing systems). Good audience feedback response in marketing systems equals a better brand experience and fewer lost connections.

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Marketing Coordinator I

Marketing Strategy Project.

In this project, I delve into the design and strategy behind EBC's current marketing mix and any potential growth for the company's market share. I explore this by analyzing various aspects of our market presence (including organic traffic, e-commerce performance, and tone of social channels) with the mission of understanding EBC's market position and how to best reflect that in our communication.


Taking a holistic approach, how can I improve upon and analyze Electric Bike Company's marketing initiatives?


→ Create an internal discussion about our marketing strategies

↖︎ Increase Google Analytics goal conversions (specifically e-commerce)

↖︎ Build more user experience-oriented marketing solutions

↘︎ Decrease user drop-off rates along our funnels


It was important to address just the key elements and shortcomings of EBC's marketing strategy. As a multimillion-dollar company, there were many marketing initiatives that could have been addressed, but this ideation focused solely on e-commerce performance and digital marketing systems. All print marketing and other forms of advertising we left out for the succinctness of the project.


A primary exploration within this project was organic marketing. Operating on a moderate budget it is essential to strategize, optimize, and generate natural traffic paths to the business over time. This included considerations into updating website content, social media presence, and user-generated content among other marketing systems.

Another investigation within the ideation was the brand design and its correlation to audience response metrics. To do this a thorough e-commerce and audience background check was done based on Google Analytics reports from the previous year. In order to understand the brand better and as a creative challenge to myself, I designed a brand identity separate from the preceding branding guide project for all social media and print content. With this design, I felt it was important to study what a more monochromatic color scheme would do for the colorful bikes and pictures used in the media (mainly allowing them to pop).


The purpose of this project was to investigate EBCs marketing strategy and build upon existing systems. This required understanding the target audience, our market position, and channel performance. Once these grids were laid out, I was able to build upon and wholly resign our marketing initiatives. Even the simple implementation of the new personalized by-segment direct email marketing campaigns yielded an immediate increase in Google Analytics conversion goals for that channel.

Because of this, the project truly helps to illuminate a new direction for the EBC brand and marketing team or at the very least catalyze internal conversation and communication about our market position.


Working closely in collaboration with the Web Development and SEO departments allowed us to finish key deliverables ahead of schedule.

Additional design opportunities include further exploration of the checkout flow and logo work.

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