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• Marketing Coordinator

March 2021 - may 2021



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Digital Marketing Strategy Ideation

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Looking back on my brief time with OC Coastkeeper, I couldn’t help but remember some of the marketing systems I would have loved to rework or reposition but never had the time or authority. So, as a creative challenge, I explored the non-profit’s marketing background, potential, and performance as of 2021 using data analytics reports from that year. This entailed creative direction, content curation, and strategic analysis among many other disciplines.


After a macro-analysis of the OCCK market position, audience, and strategy, how can I creatively improve upon and facilitate their marketing solutions?


↖︎ Increase Google Analytics goal conversions (specifically e-commerce)
↖︎ Build out more user experience-oriented marketing solutions
↘︎ Decrease user drop off rates along marketing funnels
↘︎ Deepen brand to audience connection


It was important to keep the scope of this e-commerce facelift to a reasonable breadth and depth. Although it would have been easy to bite off more than we could chew with a holistic brand paradigm shift, we focused on actionable goals within the e-commerce sphere (listed above).


A main exploration in this project was audience demographic analysis and the use of audience personas to better understand the types of individuals who make up a vast part of the converting users (whether that be on volunteer activation, email subscription, or donations). It was important to give a very real human face to what can often seem like a cold metric. Audiences are understood through data analytics, but it is my goal to supplement marketing strategies with a heavy concentration on user experience by segment rather than solely audience behavior. That is why I explored three of the primary groups of users that interact with OC Coastkeeper: donating Gen X’ers with disposable incomes, voluntarily active Millennials, and Gen Z’ers fighting for their future.
Another investigation that was integral to this project was the branding and design involved in engaging users on the many digital channels OCCK manages. Social media and direct email marketing were two of the major channels I dove into, as they made up a significant chunk of my work while with the organization. Creating a more streamlined and impactful brand identity, then using this in social media and personalized emails was a crucial focus.


The mission with this project was to investigate OC Coastkeeper's marketing strategy and design then create solutions that improve or supplant those already in place. This required truly understanding the audience, not just from a data-driven perspective, but also from a very human point of view. What types of people complete on donations? Subscriptions? Volunteer activation? After defining these personas, the foundation was set and I was able to move on to strategies and brand positioning.
In the end, a deeper understanding of the audience was attained, proving, among many results, that returning users converted twice as much and past donators were by far the most likely to convert on donations out of all observed segments.


Upon the conclusion of this project, I was able to realize, posthumously to the job, many of the small strategic and design improvements I observed during my time at OCCK. But, because of the ideation, I especially discerned that there needed to be an OCCK smartphone application for volunteers and organization leaders to connect and share. A networking platform of eco-minded users and admins to spread awareness, coordinate volunteer events, and at the core create a community to support one another in their endeavors.